Henry Pahvant Adjustable Binocular Harness System


The ULTIMATE Binocular Harness.
No Magnets. No Velcro. No Bounce. No Noise.

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Introducing one of the most compact and comfortable binocular harnesses in the industry. Made from the finest, nylon rip-stop material to ensure durability and life long use. This easy to use harness system is designed for all day use.

Most harnesses are made with stretchy elastic material that bounces against your body when you’re running or riding through rough terrain. The HENRY PAHVANT binocular harness system is specifically designed with straps that will not allow for sway or sag. Simply adjust the straps for a very comfortable fit.

The system comes free of magnets or velcro which provides an extremely quiet approach while still protecting your binoculars from the outside elements. Access your binos quickly and quietly for that stealthy approach. Never again leave your binos behind with the Henry Pahvant harness system.

Caught in a rain storm? No worries. The system also comes with a small rain poncho to cover the harness for your binoculars stay dry and ready for use when they are needed.


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