Henry Pahvant

It’s that time of year again…  Leaves are changing, weather is turning colder and the excitement of finding that once-in-a-lifetime animal runs through our veins.   

We love this time of year.  There is just something about going up in the mountains, breathing the fresh air and escaping the hustle that surrounds all of us.  Being with nature is truly remarkable and refreshing.

Typically before the hunts get started, we like to put out trail cams to capture these magnificent animals on camera.  This year we were able to get some great pics and videos of these animals.  This is one of our favorites.  Was taken on the Boulder Mountain in Utah.

Bull Elk Bugle Henry Pahvant
Big 6×6 Bull Elk Bugles

Here we caught this guy on camera bugling.  He was harvested a few days later after we had seen him on camera by an outfitter.  I believe he scored around 380.  He was a beautiful and magnificent bull.

One of the many things we love to do is sit and glass a mountainside, watching for any sign of movement.  Most would agree that one of the most important tools for a hunter besides his or her gun are the optics. 

Looking through a spotting scope or even binoculars for an extended amount of time can sometimes be exhausting and also produce a lot of eye strain.  Those who have looking through enough glass over the years can also attest that not all binoculars are equal and some will produce more eye strain than others.  Not to mention the weight of the binocular can also affect stability.  This is why those who are spotting will use tripods to help with muscle fatigue.

There are lots of brands of optics and it’s easy to overlook the small things that will affect your hunting experience.  Hunters also have a tendency of being in harsh environments and durability is an absolute must!  Warranty is a big deal.

What also separates a good pair of binoculars from a great pair of binoculars is how well they let in light.  This is critical because we see most animals leave early in the morning right before sunup or they come out just at dusk.  Being able to see them at these times are critical.

This is why we are so excited about our Henry Pahvant Optics.  We can say with confidence we’ve tested them against some of the best known names and they’ve performed amazing.  Most people are shocked on how good they are compared to other well known brands, especially for the money.

If you’d like to even see for yourself, let us know in a comment.  We’ll see if there is an outfitter in your area who carries them and you can see for yourself.

Good luck hunting!