Henry Buck TrioEvery so often, we get a chance to head out the Henry Mountains in Utah and spend some time spotting some nice mule deer.

Utah has one of the best habitats for growing some monster Mule Deer and the Henry Mountains are one of those areas where you can find some great big bucks. We go to the Henry’s each year just to glass and look at wildlife. Plus we love the outdoors and wanted to spend some time using and testing our optics.

So in December, this is exactly what we decided to do so we could see some magnificent animals and test out some of our new optics.

It was the first time we tested out our new Henry Pahvant 10×42 binoculars. We wanted to test them in a very harsh environment to make sure the stood up in some bad weather.

It was an amazing day. We ran into this trio of bucks right at the start. It was great to see all these great bucks in one spot. Later throughout the day we shot a lot of video and took a lot of footage of these deer.

We were using our 10×42 binoculars to glass the areas and they performed great. Perfect for watching these amazing animals. One of the things we loved about the binoculars was how lightweight they were, yet very durable. They were very nice to carry around.

Then we’d use our spotting scopes to dial in closer. Our Henry Pahvant binoculars were great. It was extremely cold since it was in December and they did not fog up on us, which is something we wanted to make sure of. We spent all day glassing these mule deer.


  • June 2, 2018

    Amber Stevens

    These are some great bucks! Love the picture of the 3 standing together. Great shot. Hope to see more.